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Captain Awesome

Everybody needs a buddy. They don’t come much better than this guy. He came home near the end of 2021 to a built-in best friend and brother waiting to play with him and teach him all the best ways to get in trouble. His incredible parents are ecstatic to have the family whole, to teach them about Jesus, and the best ways to stay out of trouble. 


Adoption can be expensive. Raising kids can be difficult. For the prior, that’s why Forever Home exists – to help bridge this financial gap. For the latter – that’s where it helps to have a big brother like Levi. These two are going to be best buds growing up. Welcome home, Lennox! 


However you’re called to multiply your family, we’re all called to disciple our kids and teach them the Gospel. Francie and Nick felt led to adopt their second son, from Columbia. They flew over there and picked him up at the end of 2021. He’s home now and already learning how incredible life with Christ can be. 

Brynn Micah

As this family grows, so does their relationship with Christ. Jeff and Heather brought Brynn Micah home near the end of 2021. They plan on teaching her about God and showing her Jesus in everything they do – starting with the story of how loved she is.  

Arden Hope

Grown in the belly or born in the heart – it makes no difference when you hold them in your arms for the first time. That’s the story Arden Hope’s forever parents will tell you. What started with broken hearts and thousands of questions ended with God’s enduring promise and one incredible answer. 


The smile of that little girl in red was planned over ten years ago. The family that loves her had made the decision to adopt if ever it meant saving the life of a child. In 2021, it did. Evvie’s birth mother was planning on and seeking out an abortion when God set the exact right circumstances in motion. A global pandemic, the strict requirements of a physician, three phone calls, and one enduring promise brought everyone together for this exact image of James 1:27. We’re grateful she’s alive and we’re happy to be part of her story. 

Layton Elizabeth

Ron and Kelsey got to meet their new little girl in October of 2021. The love and bond was immediate. The growing FHF grant has been able to help many growing families. Layton Elizabeth was one of four that found their home in October. 


Home Sweet Forever Home!

Congratulations to Juan and Kayla and their new little girl, Madeline. This family has been through it. Through all of it. And if you ever wondered whether the adoption process is worth the results – remember this family. They’ll tell you it always is.

Isaac Elijah Shalom Riley

We hope some day you will have the opportunity to meet John and Rachel. Their journey is a wild and wonderful one, though they had to fight through an onslaught of bumps, and break through a tidal wave of barriers. Not only will they be happy to take a moment and tell you how crazy an adoption journey can get, but they’ll also blow your minds with evidence of how great God’s grace will always be. Join us in congratulating this beautiful family living out the gospel and following the calling of James 1:27.

Olive Monica Josephine

This healthy and happy little lady went home in July of 2021 to two incredible parents – David and Megan. They have been long time faithful servants of God. What a precious gift He has blessed them with. Congratulations!


One of this year’s FHF grant recipients was matched and brought her son home. Tara is an incredible Christian and who opened her heart and her home to a newborn boy. We know Ephraim is going to be well loved and cared for. Congratulations to both of you. We’ll be praying for your family for years to come.

Amy and Justin

Amy and Justin always knew they might adopt, but thought they might have a bio child first. So they went down that road, which ended up being a hard one. After fertility treatments and two miscarriages, they felt…

Hanna and EJ

When you know every step you take in faith will be met with God responding faithfully – you take some might big steps.
Hanna and EJ were always going to adopt. They talked about it and…

Nathan and Casey

Nathan was a planner. Casey was set. They had a beautiful girl named Kennedy. Years into their marriage – things were good. Adoption wan’t even in the periphery of their mind. And then…