Family Updates

  • Andrew

    High-fives are in order. Andrew is home and raising the roof with his awesome forever family. God has the whole world in his hands, but Andrew has it wrapped around his finger.

  • Zara

    Welcome home, Zara! After a 12 hour flight to go get her and a 12 hour fight to bring her home, Happily Forever After can begin!

  • Harper

    Harper is now home with a big, happy family. She has two older brothers and an older sister, all of whom were adopted. What a beautiful family full of love.

  • Marcela

    This family was brought together from all around the world. They’d like to thank our board, donors, and partners for making this possible. And we’d like to say welcome home to Marcela!

  • Luna

    Germany, Florida, Hawaii, Alaska. Sometimes you don’t know your heart isn’t whole until you find the missing pieces all over the globe. Welcome home, Luna! What an amazing family and story. We’ll post their full story soon.

  • Joanna

    One of the best mission fields is the family. This incredible family has opened their hearts to Joanna. Together they’ll all teach her about the unending love of Jesus. Welcome home, Joanna!

  • London

    London! If you look up “sweet” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of London. If you look up “faithful,” there’s a picture of her forever parents. There’s a lot of ups and downs on the journey toward adoption, but once you bring your child home – it’s all about how high you can throw them...

  • Amara

    Adoption is a ministry as much as it is a blessing. Amara is home with her parents who pray she sees the love of Jesus in her life and in their family.

  • Ayla Jo

    Welcome home, Ayla Jo! God’s love for all of us is perfectly mirrored in the love your forever parents have for you.

  • Zion

    What a journey for this little guy and his forever family. God puts the pieces together just right. Welcome home Zion!