Forever Home Foundation grants go directly to major expenses associated with the legal adoption process for both public and private agency adoptions – international or domestic.

You can apply anytime for grants from the foundation. There is no income requirement set on either end. Our only prerequisite is a simple application to be filled out during or after your home study.

We look forward to helping as many families as possible. Please fill out the application below either via PDF or print and scan.

Our Process

The board meets quarterly (typically March, June, September, & December) to evaluate all applications. Prospective families will then be contacted to set up a conversational and relaxed interview. Within a week of all interviews being completed, grants are awarded based on each applicant’s alignment with our mission statement and the foundation’s current available funds.

To maintain our 501C3 status, a good standing with the Internal Revenue Service, and the future of the foundation, awarded grants are held in the foundation’s care until expenses are incurred by the awarded family. Funds are then sent directly to adoption attorney’s, adoption agencies, and specified, associated expenses as they occur. Except in rare, extenuating circumstances – to benefit you and the foundation – grants are not dispersed directly to the awarded families.

If you end your adoption process – all remaining funds awarded to you are returned to the general foundation fund.

Due to the overwhelming need for adoption financial assistance, the foundation cannot guarantee all requests will be funded. All grants are awarded with the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.

Grant Application

Fervent prayer goes into each adoption consideration. Know that our acceptance of your application is not a guarantee of you receiving a grant, but is 100% a guarantee we will continue praying for your growing family.

Below is the application form that is initial contact information followed by 5 steps. Please take your time filling out each question.


7. Please outline the general cost associated with your adoption as you understand them.*

We’re here for you.

If you have questions we’d be happy to help.